Expedition Truck Brokers

Expedition Truck Brokers is an international - independent - Specialist in heavy Expedition and Overland Trucks. Vehicles made for world wide travel and to support the crew in regions with little to no infrastructure. 

What can we do for you?

Our assistance is segmented in several distinct services you can find in our services section
We assist those who consider embarking on a world journey with an Overland or Expedition Trucks. This from the early stages of budget & destination planning, understanding the technology up-to finding, selecting or building your future Overland or Expedition Truck. It can be a long journey often covering many years. With us you can significantly reduce your Orientation & Preparation stage to make better investment decisions faster. All this to get you on the road quicker with your long awaited Overland or Expedition Truck.

For those considering selling their Overland or Expedition Truck we can assist in finding the next crew taking your truck around the world. Our assistance saves you a considerable amount of time and effort in many ways. Read all about it in our Sales Brokerage services.

History & Background

The company was launched in 2012 after many years on the road with several overland & expedition grade vehicles. The company is based on the first hand experience accumulated with long-term travel and stays in 2nd and 3rd world countries. This mixed with frequent and often intense contact with other travellers with similar expedition and overland vehicles. 

During these years the idea arose of the concept Expedition Truck Brokers. A professional service to bring those interested in overland & expedition trucks into contact with those who are looking for a potential buyer. Since the launch of the company, the original idea has evolved to a wide spectrum of services essential to support a successful change of ownership.

Over many years Expedition Truck Brokers has assisted in the sale of many pre-owned, new and project trucks worldwide. This using a unique service and knowledge base covering a wide range of essential technical and international regulatory & fiscal expert areas. 

Our Expedition & Overland truck database now covers well over 900+ unique trucks (oct 2022) from compact 4+ Ton 4x4's to 18+ Ton 8x8's with the essential outfit to support a crew in regions with little to no infrastructure. Trucks built for those who want to discover the world overland - Adventures and long lasting memories guaranteed!

Our Vision

Expedition Truck Brokers connects owners and buyers of Expedition Trucks, providing easier market access for experienced and new expedition crews - worldwide.

« Expedition or Overland Trucks are special homes on wheels capable of undertaking long distance overland journeys covering months up to many years. We call expedition or overland trucks "Wheel Estate" - for many reasons. These trucks can irreversibly change the lives of the owner(s).  It's the result of a dream come true traveling the globe in your own home ».

Expedition Truck Brokers Company presentation