Expedition Truck Brokers - Sales Services

We assist you in finding the right buyer for your Expedition or Overland Truck on the International Market. With a truck made for world wide travel a broad group of potential buyers exists around the globe. Our speciality is to find the next crew to take your beloved truck on its next adventure.

We know from our own experience that the decision to sell does not come easy. Often many long-lasting memories are attached to your truck. Its a comforting thought that the next crew may have the same passion as you had when you left of on your journey years ago. 

To find the next crew, the job is to reinvent yourself as salesman. This as an experienced international truck traveller. This often means that you may see your truck quite differently compared to an inexperienced first-time buyer. A large experience & knowledge gap is not easily bridged and may significantly affect the sales of your truck. Also, cross border sales often come with a steep hurdle. A successful sale of your truck can be highly dependent on obtaining a license plate in another country. Again, with a buyer often inexperienced with the ins & outs of the import & registration process.

Also, the new owner may want to change a few things and looks for support to get this accomplished. This possibly mixed with your own viewpoint of how to approach these modifications. Doing all this across language and cultural barriers may align somewhat with your travel experience, though this time its about finding a new crew for your truck. There’s often not much space for experimentation or a second attempt to (re)convince your buyer – after all a first impression can only be made once.

We know the above process inside out with years of experience with all sorts of pre-owned and sometimes brand-new trucks. This while communicating with a host of possible prospect buyers from all sorts of backgrounds. Of course, truck technology is a significant part of the process, though there are many other equally important aspects that can be easily missed. We can assist you with all this, saving you the time and effort to try and discover all this on your own. 

Working with us brings you the following advantages, among several other;  

1) Wide international reach – worldwide:

  • More potential prospects
  • More potential markets

2) Professional presentation:

  • In English with Multilanguage response for those interested 
  • Includes Regulatory, Fiscal aspects for prospect buyers
  • Your truck explained to inexperienced first time buyers

3) Efficient & Effective contact with a buyer with genuine interest 

4) Sales Contract Support

Our main pre-condition to work with us are the exclusive worldwide promotion rights for your truck.
This is for many reasons we are happy to explain in a phone, ZOOM or SKYPE call.

Interested in our Sales Brokerage assistance?
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Are you already actively selling your Expedition Truck or Overland truck yourself?
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Are you the owner or representative of a start-up or existing manufacturing company in the Overland or Expedition Truck market?
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