Orientation Service Introduction

A short introduction to our Orientation Services to significantly accelerate your Orientation process. Already close to buying a truck? Have a look at our Evaluation Services.

A world journey with an Overland or Expedition Truck is a long-anticipated dream for most. The inspiring idea of exploring other continents independently from the comforts of your own home at your own pace has resonated with many over the past decades.

Also, for those who already own a conventional holiday motorhome, the inspiration comes from getting (far) away from crowded tourist regions with the obvious strict motorhome parking regulations. It often means seeking destinations beyond the beaten path, requiring increased autonomy and a much more robust vehicle. After all, a conventional holiday motorhome isn't up to the job.

The ability to travel & stay in remote regions in all kinds of weather for weeks in a row with an Expedition or Overland truck is hard to replicate with other means of transport. This is the pure essence of an Overland or Expedition Truck, also known as a Land Yacht, the land-based equivalent of a blue-water sailing ship capable of crossing oceans.

This dream is a strong driving force behind the long-term plan to make this Once in a Lifetime journey. It's a memorable time with a long-lasting impact. Your life will never be the same again in many ways.

Finally, starting the journey with your future truck requires a lot of preparations, often covering years to complete.
Expedition Truck Brokers can accelerate this process significantly in several ways;

  • Shorten your Orientation & Preparation process in time & effort
  • More efficient & effective use of your budget
  • Make better investment decisions faster with solid & detailed information
  • Avoiding common or hard-to-detect pitfalls

Our Orientation Service consists of the following parts;

These services are based on first-hand experience from years of Overland & Expedition truck travel. This experience stems from 1993 and onwards, covering all stages and aspects of buying, building, long-term travel, selling, and buying again with compact and large AWD vehicles.

Expedition Truck Brokers has been active since 2012 assisting future travelers in finding their Overland or Expedition Truck and has seen well over 900+ Overland and Expedition Trucks.