Introduction Evaluation Services

Already found an Overland or Expedition Truck you're considering viewing or buying? We can assist you with our Evaluation Services in uncovering information about the truck relevant to your purchase decision. 

After looking at many pictures and vehicle documents received from the owner, you may (still) have the lingering feeling you missed relevant issues that may surface before, during, or after your future journey. Or, in more general terms: You ask yourself: Is it really the right truck for us?

It's a very familiar situation in our daily practice. Arriving at the first viewing appointment is an exciting moment, seeing the truck for the first time in real life. Those coming close to a possible purchase for the first time may feel like touching a hot stove. After all, you're about to invest significantly in a truck for a future world journey. 

It's not uncommon for the excitement of the moment to cloud your judgment, as there's so much more information than ever can be conveyed by pictures and text. Not to mention the experience of the first test drive, especially with your truck driver's license fresh in your pocket. 

After returning from the first viewing appointment, many new questions and unknowns arise. Sometimes even to the extent that further information disqualifies the truck. Or worse, to feel like the journey to the truck has been made in vain. A disappointment that possibly could have been prevented.

Deciding to view & test drive may be quite a drive or even a week(end) away by plane, rental car & hotel. Discovering new disqualifying information during the viewing appointment that could have been spotted before the viewing is not only a waste of time, effort, & costs. More importantly, you could have focussed your efforts on another truck. 

We can assist you in your decision process with our Truck Evaluation Service before or after a viewing appointment. This is in terms of fiscal, regulatory, or technical aspects with a focus on the re-sale of the truck after your journey.

Already quite sure you've found your Overland or Expedition Truck though unsure about how to obtain a future license plate? We can assist with our License Plate Evaluation Service.

Are you sure how to obtain a license plate and are close to a purchase decision? The envisioned journey is now within reach, but you still feel it's too much and too soon? It simply doesn't feel right. You have severe doubts about what lies ahead. At this point, you may want to touch base with us and consider our Crew Orientation Service. We can address your concerns, unknowns, and ways to shape your first (journey) experiences with the new truck.