Introduction License plate evaluation

Our license plate evaluation service assists you in evaluating your license plate options.

Obtaining a license plate is as essentially important as the Overland and Expedition Truck itself – its often the pivotable issue in a purchase or re-sale. Afterall, without a license plate, there’s no (international) travel possible.

Custom Built Trucks

One of a kind, Custom-built vehicles like Overland and Expedition Trucks often require a different approval process to obtain a license plate compared to mass produced vehicles. The inspection process at the road / license plate authority evaluates the truck against national vehicle laws & regulations. This often takes place after the manufacturing stage is finished. Its a big mile-stone resulting in the much-anticipated license plate.
When a Custom-built truck is sold cross-border, the same inspection process is often done again to obtain the national license plate in the country of the new owner. Often with different (interpretations of) national vehicle laws & regulations. In our experience this is very common. The Road Authority in the next country would want to independently execute their appraisal regardless of what has been decided in another country.

Sales Dead-lock

The approval process for a license plate is often misunderstood, underestimated and almost always clouded by many unknowns and questions. Trying to research the topic on the internet uncovers a plethora of misinformation and the obvious horror stories of those stuck with a truck without a license plate.
The road authority helpdesk is often not very helpful for those new to the process. Although they answer many of your questions, the pre-condition is an in-depth understanding of the inspection process and vehicle laws & regulations to be able to ask the right questions.
No-one can predict or guarantee the outcome of the inspection process of a fully customized vehicle based on pictures & documents alone. The truck needs to be physically present at the inspection location. For the new owner-to-be this brings a mountain of uncertainty on how to proceed. For the owner / seller there is a similar uncertainty, as they are unaware of the rules & regulations in the country of the buyer. It is a common dead-lock situation during cross-border sales.

Preliminary appraisal 

It is well possible to get more certainty about the possible outcome of the vehicle approval process. Often this can be established prior to a viewing appointment, saving everyone involved a lot of time and effort as well as travel costs. For those in the early stages of their Orientation process we recommend to consider our Truck Orientation Service first. It provides you with a solid information base uncovering many of the essential unknowns. These are often the items you need to be aware of before contacting the Road Authority helpdesk for assistance. This all makes a future viewing appointment more efficient and effective including what to look at for a License plate. For those already deep(er) into the process close(r) to a purchase decision we can recommend to consider our Truck Evaluation Service. This goes beyond the license plate as well, uncovering items that can be interconnected. 

License plate evaluation

We can assist you in evaluating your license plate options for registering a particular truck in your home country. We invite you to include registration information of the truck you’re looking at.

Contact us to proceed with our License Plate Evaluation Service.
Please note that we may need a few working days of notice prior to be able to react to your request.

Do note that this service assumes a minimum level of knowledge we provide through our Truck Orientation or Truck Evaluation Service.