Introduction Truck Orientation Service

Our Truck orientation service helps establish realistic requirements to find your future Expedition or Overland truck in the international pre-owned market matching your budget & travel destinations. Summarized your benefits; 

 Accelerate your Orientation Process significantly

 Increase your decision Quality & Capabilities, saving time, effort & costs

 Understand Architecture, Design & Construction concepts

  Recognise good Design & Constructions before a viewing appointment

  Select the right truck matching your requirements, budget and destination

 Avoid unexpected registration, fiscal and regulatory issues for a license plate 

  Better international investment recovery after your journey


The Land Yacht – First Time Right

Among the many other aspects of the long-term plan, the Hunt for your future Land Yacht is a dominating activity that can span many years. Without prior international heavy truck travel experience, it's like trying to pull yourself up from your shoelaces. It means many first-time experiences with a steep learning curve ahead for the whole crew. This is all to make that - First Time Right - decision to (finally) buy your truck. After all, your first Land Yacht will likely also be your last – so it better be the right truck.

The Hunt for knowledge – the Learning Curve

Building your knowledge base from online Advertisements & Forum searches results in an ever-increasing pile of unstructured information that leaves many unknowns and unanswered questions. This partial, incomplete information base can be mixed with falsehoods found on forums often written by those in the same Orientation phase. The worst parts are the unknown unknowns. What to look for when unaware of what is actually essential? This Bottom-Up approach is far from easy. After all, you're trying to reconstruct the underlying Architecture, Design & Construction concepts created by those often with years of actual travel & building experience.

Also, visiting trucks for sale is a time-consuming process with often lots of (weekend) KM covering many months. Without reliable information about what it takes to obtain a license plate, all this traveling is usually done in vain. After all, No license plate, No journey. 
Visiting a truck - just to see one - is not much appreciated by the owner/seller, who quickly spends 4+ hours with the (false) expectation of dealing with a potential buyer. Speaking with experienced travelers can be enlightening, though meeting them in person is rare. 

Decision time – a Big Moment

Approaching the final investment decision with your budget and world journey on the line is often unnerving. The lingering feeling of missing something important often stems from the unconscious notion that the Orientation Process / Requirements List needs more time.
On the other hand, an ever-increasing list of requirements may result in never finding that pre-owned truck within your budget range. All this makes the right compromises essential.
Expedition Truck brokers accelerate your learning curve significantly to establish a feasible requirements list through our Truck Orientation Service. 

Truck Orientation Service 

Our Truck Orientation Service accelerates your Orientation significantly with

  •  A Top-Down primer about Architecture, Design & Construction concepts
  •  Deep insights into the Expedition & Overland Truck industry
  •  Fiscal and Regulatory essentials related to a License plate
  •  Practical tips to quickly assess a truck even before deciding to visit the truck. 
  •  Market & Price information
  •  and much more

This saves you time, effort, and money by increasing the decision quality on how to proceed. A first Orientation Session takes approximately 2 hours and covers the most relevant top-level aspects.

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