Introduction Project Orientation

Our Project Orientation service can assist you in the most significant decision: Building your own expedition or overlrand truck.

A typical starting point for most with truck travel ambitions is to try and find the future Overland or Expedition Truck on the pre-owned market. Technical compromises, import, registration, and fiscal considerations often dominate the process. When there are still a few years before the journey is scheduled, there is the opportunity to start a project to obtain your future Custom Built Overland or Expedition Truck.

Build your own 4x4 Camper, Expedition Truck, Overland Truck

The Biggest Decision - Getting there is half the fun 

In our experience, starting your own Expedition or Overland Truck project is a big decision regarding time, effort, and investments. Doing so may push your future journey years ahead. Those who decided on a pre-owned truck may be returning from a multiple-year journey when your truck is still to be delivered. Many things can happen in the meanwhile as life goes on. To get to travel with your future truck depends on many (unexpected, uncontrollable) aspects of life.

In other words, the project itself should better be equally appreciated as the journey ahead. When making a world journey is your main ambition, starting a truck project may not be the best of ideas. Even when fully outsourced, you may need to spend considerable time, and effort making design & construction decisions and be prepared to wait, sometimes (far) beyond the agreed delivery date. 

Shaping your truck project

Getting to shape your own Overland or Expedition truck project is a process littered with many compromises and (irreversible) decisions along the way. Establishing a well-balanced set of requirements is not easy. Ideally, it's the compromise between your dream truck and a more standard design to recover your investment in the next 5 to 10 years. It requires knowledge not easily obtained without having actual hands-on experience.

Expecting the manufacturer to guide you in the process may as well be a tall order – it often requires (unpaid) manufacturer participation before the actual project is signed.

Build your own 4x4 camper truck, start your own Expedition Truck Project

DIY Projects – The truck prototype

DIY manufacturing projects require many things to be in place to self-deliver a truck for a future world journey. Next to a day-time job, the project can easily take 3+ years and soaks up almost all available free time.

Without prior experience with truck-based world journeys, the result is a 1-st prototype with most of the reserved budget spent. Several test journeys are required to self-validate the prototype. More time, effort, and investments are often needed to reach the next better version.

It's a journey in itself, requiring a rock-solid determination to reach the finish line to start a world journey. 

Project Orientation Service

Our project orientation service prepares you for what's ahead during the Architecture, Design, and Construction phases by

•    Balancing requirements on the necessity and re-sale opportunities 
•    Architecture, design, and construction considerations.
•    Essential truck requirements
•    Selecting manufacturers
•    Shaping a DIY project 
•    Budget considerations & estimations

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