Introduction Truck Scout

We can assist you in finding the right truck for your future overland journey or expedition adventure. Overland or Expedition Trucks are complex vehicles intended to support the crew in regions with little to no infrastructure. Finding the right truck for your journey - DIY style - is not an easy task and can easily take 1 – 2+ year or more. A significant part is often taken up by a lengthy learning curve on a wide variety of topics. With our Truck Scout service, we can significantly shorten your time roaming the market with the aim to get you on the road quicker. 

Feasible Truck requirements

Our Truck Scout service requires a feasible list of vehicle requirements matching the available budget. Therefor we may recommend to consider our Orientation Services first before hiring us for a Truck Scout assignment. A better understanding of Architecture, Design and Construction aspects in our experience advances the quality of the vehicle requirements list.

International reach

Our Truck Scout service has a wide international reach and is ideal for those with a busy day-time occupation. We do the searching for you and contact truck owners to evaluate a possible match with your vehicle requirements. We filter out those trucks we suspect of design, construction and regulatory issues.  We’ll get in touch once we’re convinced, we’ve found the right one – this also having checked possible import & registration in your home country or elsewhere. 

If you already found a truck, we can assist you through our Truck Evaluation Service.
Also we can use the truck found as a “conversation’ piece in our Orientation Service

A valid truck drivers license is an important precondition for our Truck Scout service.  Afterall, the test drive of your future truck in our experience is an essential step in the purchase process. 

Interested? Get in touch with us for more information.
When possible, include a short description of the truck you’re looking for including license plate & budget information. 

NOTE: Please include your full name, telephone number and country residence.
Anonymous inquiries with just an email address are not answered.