Introduction Truck Evaluation Service

Expedition Truck Brokers assists you in evaluating an Overland or Expedition Truck you’re considering visiting or buying.

During your search for the ideal Overland or Expedition Truck you may encounter several trucks that may look quite promising. Many things check out though you’re left with that lingering feeling you miss crucial information about that promising truck. Unknown stuff feared to leave you struggling with a license plate or technical issue, possibly even ruining your future journey. 

This situation is quite common to occur, especially when it’s a truck located in another country. The information you received so far crossed language & cultural barriers. This with both buyer and seller sometimes communicating in a foreign language. Mutual misunderstandings can easily occur in many ways, potentially mispresenting the truck or its registration. Moreover, it would be a total waste if a really promising truck in the end is set aside for the wrong reasons. Especially when it’s (only) a license plate being the big unknown. With new insights and experiences later on, the very same truck could have been the one after-all, but then it’s unfortunately already sold. 

Test Drive

When most things about the truck do check out, a viewing and test drive is the next big step. When the truck is in a different country, the logistics and costs to view & test drive a truck can be quite substantial. Days off from work, plane tickets, hotel, rental car etc. Not to mention a solid arrangement with the owner / seller to ensure the truck is still available once you get there. 

The viewing & test drive is an overwhelming moment. Literally a truck load of information becomes available. In this situation it’s very common to forget or just miss essential items in the heat of the moment. Also, when not aware where to look at or for what to look for, essential stuff may just surface after buying – as it always does.
New (surprising) information uncovered during a viewing is always a good catch. Though it’s quite disappointing when this disqualifies the truck, especially when it could easily have been known beforehand. Moreover, the new discovered info may be totally obvious for the seller, not realizing for one moment the item was a make-or-break item for you as a buyer. 

Upgrade Project

For any pre-owned truck often, several or more compromises are required to match your list of top requirements. The truck may need an upgrade, though the implications of the modifications can be difficult to estimate or oversee. Also finding a workshop in the position to make a costs & work estimate may not be so easy to find. Afterall, most are either fully booked, need to see the truck or are not quite so willing to work on an unknown truck. Nonetheless, the truck you’re looking at may still be the one. It may just require another approach not thought of before. 

Inspect & Decide

Prior to making the final purchase decision you may consider an independent 3rd party inspection. Coordinating this remotely from a different country prior to a planned delivery can be a daunting task. Getting the seller to cooperate while there are also other potential buyers requires a solid plan. This with a sales contract that simply requires prior experiences to get this done effectively. 

In case the truck you're looking at is the very first truck you have seen, we recommend to consider our Truck Orientation Service.
Truck Evaluation Service

Expedition Truck Brokers can significantly accelerate your truck evaluation process. This to decide how to proceed with an Overland or Expedition Truck by

•    Providing background info on the truck chassis model
•    Providing insight in the Living Unit conversion Architecture, Design & Construction
•    License plate evaluation included as described in our service License Plate Evaluation.
•    Evaluating, prioritising and follow-up on the truck information received from the owner
•    Contacting the owner or manufacturer for follow-up, when possible, in their own language
•    Insights on possible truck upgrades / modifications 
•    3rd party inspection scenarios 
•    Sales Contract support

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