Crew Orientation Service

Our Crew Orientation service significantly improves your readiness for a truck-based world journey. 
Among the many other aspects of the long-term plan, Crew preparation & training is often the most underestimated and often forgotten part. While moving heaven and earth to obtain the ideal truck, there’s often little to no focus on what the future journey actually means for the crew.  Afterall, buying a Truck capable of venturing into remote regions at least requires the crew to be aware of what’s ahead. 

Go Hard or Go Home

Its not uncommon that (a part of) the crew is unsure what to expect from a truck-based world journey. This even up-to really doubting their participation due to many unaddressed concerns. 
Overland or Expedition travel is nowhere close to a holiday. At times you’ll find yourself (far) out of your comfort zone in many ways.  A - Go Hard or Go Home - attitude is sometimes required to get through difficult parts of the journey. Sticking together as a team is essential throughout the journey. Above all, the mutual perception about the journey route creates the team commitment for the long-term plan. With this one can work on preparing yourself and shape your world journey.

Truck or Travel Project?

The envisioned journey sets the minimum vehicle requirements and budget. A common sign of being less prepared is stacking up the technical requirements for the future truck way too high. 
Also, pure unrelenting fascination for truck technology can drive an unfeasible long list of truck requirements. This with the obvious result this ideal truck simply doesn’t exist in the pre-owned market for a given budget. At the same time the other part of the crew just wants to travel, and isn’t that much interested in finally obtaining the perfect Expedition Grade outfit. This combination may well lead to a journey being pushed way too far in the future up-to even risking cancelation of the project in the end. 

On the spot – the ideal truck

Visiting several pre-owned trucks often starts already in the crew orientation stage. Afterall, this supports a common sense of size, features and capabilities. However, to (suddenly) find yourself on the spot to participate in a large investment decision without having addressed the above is far from ideal. Dragging your feet is a clear sign of a reluctant and unprepared crew. At the same time the seller starts wondering why it takes so long to reach that purchase decision. Afterall, the viewing appointment went so well. The truck seemed to fit the expectations so perfectly.
Expedition Truck Brokers supports future truck travelers in their Crew preparation phase in many ways.

Crew Orientation Service

Our Crew Orientation Service addresses the key aspects of truck-based travel such as;

•    What long term truck-based travel is like. 
•    Shaping your journey matching your crew capabilities, expectations and budget
•    How to prepare yourself as a crew-member for the journey
•    Common expectations about a future truck for a world journey

We provide in-depth information from our own multiple- year travel experience with many practical subjects, directly actionable for all crew members. 

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